Planning An Intimate Wedding? 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Band

Planning An Intimate Wedding? 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Band

6 February 2019
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If you are planning your wedding early, you will appreciate not having to rush with hiring vendors, especially when it comes to services that can get booked up quickly. For instance, you may intend on hiring a live band to play music at your wedding, which is not an easy thing to do when you are making last-minute plans because bands may reserve spots months or years in advance.

Starting early will give you the freedom to consider a few important details that will ensure you hire a band in which you feel confident about their ability to satisfy your needs.

Music Variation

Although you may have a favorite genre or two of music, this does not mean that you are only interested in listening to these genres at your wedding. You may want to enjoy listening to a variety of music, which means you will want to find a band that can play a wide variety of music.

An ideal situation is when you are able to watch online videos of the band you are interested in as it should give you an excellent idea of what to expect at your own wedding. Going through multiple videos should help you see how much variety in music they are able to provide.


While you may love all the traditional sounds that come from live bands, you may also be interested in unique instruments that can help your wedding feel unique. Some great examples include the accordion, didgeridoo, and xylophone, all of which produce their own great sounds.

If you know what instruments you love to listen to, you can focus on picking a live band that uses these instruments. However, if you just want to enjoy music that sounds unique compared to other weddings, you cannot go wrong with prioritizing any band with unique instrument usage.


Before hiring a band, you should make sure that you will enjoy listening to them throughout your wedding. If you are determined to hire a band with vocals that you love, you should consider meeting up with the vocalists so that they can show you what they sound like in person. This will help you determine whether their vocals are something that you like and want at your wedding.

When you consider these details with live wedding music bands and go through extensive research, you should be able to hire a band to play at your wedding with complete confidence.